Customized LED long bright light sign
Customized LED long bright light sign
Customized LED long bright light sign
Customized LED long bright light sign
Customized LED long bright light sign
Customized LED long bright light sign

Customized LED long bright light sign

  • 品牌 ShineWin unkown
  • Color black border
  • Origin unkown

一、Custom LED lighting products

1、All kinds of LED lighting CARDS are customized, designed and made according to the shape specified by customers, 

     mainly for brand product advertising display, corporate Logo image publicity, etc

2、Luminescent brand features: high uniform and soft brightness, strong three-dimensional sense, rich color, use Led 

     light source, high efficiency and energy saving, with super long service life stable performance easy installation

3、Novelty, highlight the enterprise brand image, hit a better display effect

4、Applicable to: hotel bar chain store store super terminal display wedding photo shop enterprise signboard gift display 

     window display hotel restaurant restaurant business center and other commercial places

  Two LED products details 

  1. Product name: LED products customized LED advertising logo products

  2. Material: acrylic, metal, wood, LED lights, plastic etc. 

  3. Color: various color 

  4. Size: all sizes 

  5. Models: DL - CA 

  6. Certification: CE ROHS CCC certification 

  7. Input voltage: 100-240 - v working voltage: 6-12 v 

  8. Brand: DE Wright Delight 9. Origin: shenzhen, China

三、Packing and transportation

1、Bubble column,Corrugated Carton

2、Payment:30% dopsits and 70% when cargoes are ready to ship

3、Dealing time:Accronding to the products and contract 


4. About us

Delight company was established in 2004. Leading Manufacturer of LED Flashing billboard signs & Slim 

LED Light Box and Terminal POP display over 13 years. Main Products are  Animated LED  billboard  Sign

Dynamic POP display, LED Advertising fla shing light box, Led Ads Screen, Transparent led displays, Led 

flashing Package box, Slim LED Light Box, A crylic Display, Terminal display stand, Led signs, Led lights.

Dynamic Led advertising light box  is a revolutionary product to display billboard!!! Attractive LED flashing 

effect, Logo flashing step by step, more vivid and impressed, LED backlit panel, repeated programming, 

cyclic utilization, environmentally-friendly, For it looks much more eye-catching and really an exciting can 

be better advertising the projects by it’s flashing and high bright effect. Suitable for all need to show spaces, 

Such as shopping malls, supermaket, brand promotion, company showrooms, stores and so on..

4. Company contact


Factory Add: 4/F,Bldg B2,SongFa Ind,No 26,Hexiuxi Rd,

FuYong Town, BaoAn Dist,

Shenzhen, GuangDong


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